Thursday, March 6, 2014

Finally! It’s here . . .

After over a year of writing, it’s finally done:

Here you can find a free sampler—and download it if you feel so moved.

If you read it, I would so appreciate you leaving comments here, telling me what you think.

Thank you.



  1. Just finished the book last night. Creepily plausible. No cheap tricks - everything flows inexorably from a few (on the whole, very modest) catastrophes - the horror is in the entirely believable over-reactions.

    If you haven't read the book, some thoughts:


    1) I bought it because I knew the author through his blog, and because apocalypse. I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the writing - the ability to write a blog or non-fiction does not necessarily carry over to fiction. In Lira's case, it does. The book is well edited - no more typos than your average book from a trad publisher, and no gaping holes in continuity, etc. Well put-together.

    2) Scarily plausible. Granted it's a nightmare scenario - still, Lira takes current trends and pushes them forward, and adds a few modest catastrophes. The result is creepy in a way that zombies never are. Given the set-up events, you can just see most of this happening. At no point did my brain just say, "No fucking way."

    3) Lira has a gift for coming up with realistic sounding government program names. Adds to the overall verisimilitude.

    4) It's not all hell - some people do alright, as you'd expect. This also adds to the realism - but most of the people in the US of his future are not happy.

    4) For those who are aware of neo-reactionary blogs and Austrian economics, there's some fun stuff in there you'll recognize, but not overmuch. There's some oblique references to game for those aware of that corner of the internets.

    Secret History keeps you turning the pages. I am sincerely pissed that I have to wait a couple months for part II. The oral history framing device works perfectly for the theme and style of the book. I now want to move overseas to avoid everything that happens over the next six years...

    If I were rating this book on Amazon, (which I can't) I'd have no qualms giving this 4 stars, might give it 5. Best self-published book I've read, and among the better novels I've read in the last several years.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much—please tell other people about it!



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